Baby Kalai - Irmgard Aluli

Kalai, you are my little heaven on earth
Heaven only knows your worth
My little kaikamahine
Uʻi ē!

Kalai, your eyes are like the stars in the sky
Twinkling little words of love
To form a lullaby

Daddy's far away and yet so near
Mother will fill the hours for two

Someday, maybe there'll be a playmate for you
Put your arms around me
And let me hold you tight

My little baby, Kalai!

Source: Ellen (Elena) Hollinger-Martinez - The words to Baby Kalai as told to Elena by her aunt Irmgard Farden Aluli October 13, 2000. Words confirmed by Kuulei Mokihana Cockett Aluli, mother of Kalai Rebecca Aluli for whom the song was written. Kalai is Hawaiian for the biblical Sarai, the origin of the baby girl's name.