Muliwai - by Charles Pokipala, Sr./Daniel Kapahuonaali`i Pokipala

`Aia i ka Muliwai
Ku`u home nani
Ka `i`ini pau `ole
A ka pu`uwai
He nani `ia home
I ka`u `ike
He pakika he pahe`e
I ka papahele
Na wai nô `oe
E pakele aku
Ka uila i ka maka
A`o ka `ôpua
Na wai e`ole
Ka ho`ohihi
A ka nui manu
Po`ai nei
He mana`o nui ko`u
Lâ i laila
I kahi a nâ manu
Hia`ai nei
Ha`ina `ia mai
Ana ka puana
`Aia i ka Muliwai
`Ia home nani
There at Muliwai
My beautiful home
Is the endless yearning
Of my heart
It is beautiful, this home
In my sight
Slick and slippery
Is the floor
Whose child are you?
That you escape
The lightning in the eye
Of the cloudbanks
Who wouldn`t
Be delighted
With the many birds
Around here
Many of my thoughts
Go there
To the place where the birds
Are so pleasing
The story
Is told
There at Muliwai
Is the beautiful home


Source: Composed for the family home near the mouth of the Ala Wai. Verse 2 tells of the well polished floors. Verse 3 alludes to the heads of the household who monitor the guests, their behavior and discipline, if necessary. Verse 5 says the home is the gathering place of many people or birds. "He Aloha Mele" attributes the background of this song to the Kohala families and Pololû.