`Ôkolehao - Leon Pober

They took the ti root to get the juice
And then they turned all that flavor loose
And it was better than the best champagne
So they bottled it and gave it a name

`Ôkolehao, `ôkolehao
`Ôkolehao, `ôkolehao
One little drink and your troubles go pau
`Ôkolehao, `ôkolehao
`Ôkolehao, `ôkolehao
So bottoms up, drink it down
Suck'em up now `ôkolehao

You got a girlfriend, she's as cold as ice
Because she's holding out for shoes and rice
She doesn't gee-vum without a ring
Well I got something that will change everything

So your canary won't sing a note
There's not a peep from his golden throat
Put `ôkolehao in his water supply
And he'll be singing Madame Butterfly

Source: Recorded by Don Ho - Copyright 1967, Renewal 1995 Granite Music Corp