Pâkaikai - Traditional

Nani wale ku`u `ike ana
Hanohano wale ku`u `ike ana
I ka nani o ka`âina
I ka nani o ka`âina

Lupalupa i ke `ala
O ka maile lau onaona
Lupalupa i ke `ala
Me ke `ala e i mai ana

E naue aku o Pâkaikai
Wai anuhea o Pâkaikai
Anuhea o Pâkaikai

`Eleu kâkou na boy o ka `ehukai
I ho`okahi pu`uwai me ka lokahi
Nâue mai e `ike i ka nani
Kêia la nui hau`oli e

This is wonderful to see
A gladsome sight to me
To see the beauty of the land
The beauty of the land

Imbued with fragrance
Of the sweet-leaved maile
Imbued with fragrance
The fragrance seems to be inviting us

To go and see Pâkaikai
The refreshing atomsphere of Pâkaikai
Refreshing atomsphere of Pâkaikai

Let's be quick, o boys of the sea spray
Be on one heart and in unity
Come and see the beauty
On this happy holiday

Source: G. Cooke collection - This mele may have been composed by a sailor on a Moloka`i holiday. Pâkaikai is at Waialua and is also the name of a local wind. Translated by Mary Pukui