Pua Lokelani - Words by Alex “`Alika” Krauth & Keola Donaghy, music by Alex “`Alika” Krauth

‘Auhea wale `oe,
E ku`u pua lokelani.
`O ka pua nani no `oe
I ku`u pu`uwai.

Ho`ohihi ka mana`o
I ke `ala pua loke.
He pua mae`ole `oe
I kui `ia.

He lei kaulana `oe
I kau a`e i ka hano
Onaona i ka ihu
Ke `ala ahe mâlie.

Ha`ina `ia mai
Ana ka puana.
`Auhea wale `oe,
E ku`u pua lokelani.

Hear me,
My roselani flower.
You are indeed the beautiful flower
In my heart

My thoughts are entranced
By the rose blossom fragrance
You are a never fading flower
A lei that is strung as a lei.

You are a famous lei
That is raised in glory.
Fragrant to the nose
Is the gently wafting fragrance.

Is the story.
Hear me,
My rose lani flower

Source: A. Krauth - When news reached Hawai`i of Keali’i Blaisdell's stroke and his struggle for recovery, `Alika Krauth dedicated this mele composed 2007, to honor Keali`i, his truly gifted talent and how Keali`i's songs have touched people's hearts. Keali`i, though born in Hilo, spent most of his life in Alaska. He and his wahine moved to Maui in 2007, and still live there today. `Alika uses `ôlelo ho`opilipili to compare the work of Keali`i to the beauty and fragrance of the lokelani flower, the symbol of Maui, an island Keali’i Blaisdell now calls home. Translated by Alex “`Alika” Krauth Copyright 2010 - Alex “`Alika” Krauth