Pua `Olena - by Jimmy Kaholokula


Pua `olena, pua moe wale
I ka nahele e moe nei
Ka ua noe makali`i
E ala mai, hö`ike mai
I kou nani
Pua `olena pua `olena

Pua `olena, dream filled beauty
Of my garden, deep in slumber
Kissed by misty summer rain
Come with me, come let's see
Of your beauty
Pua `olena pua `olena

Lau `olena, lau pälulu
E pe`e nei kau möhala
O ka makani häwanawana
Hö`ike nei pua `olena
I kou nani
Pua `olena pua `olena

Ha`ina mai ka puana
Pua moe wale, pua moe `ole
I ka nahele o Hanalei
Come with me, come let's see
Of your beauty
Pua `olena, pua `olena

Olena Root
`Olena blossom, blossom sleeping
In the forest, sleeping here
The misty summer rain
Awake and show now
Your beauty
`Olena blossom, `olena blossom

Leaf `olena, leaf that shelters and protects
Hiding the blossom unfolding
The wind whispers
See here the 'olena blossom
Show your beauty
`Olena blossom, `olena blossom
Tell the story
Blossom asleep, blossom awake
In the forest of Hanalei


Source: McKee Collection - The olena or turmeric root goes dormant after it blooms and was prized by Hawaiians for its medicinal qualities. This treatment for goiter is from Kahuna La`au Lapa`au Kalawela Rosa. The root was peeled, smashed and the juice extracted. For 5 or 7 consectuive days, the patient would take the proper dosage before breakfast, but after sunrise, lying on the stomach. This position was maintained for at least 15 minutes while the patient said the proper prayers. The patient was advised to eat limu kohu. Olena was also used for dye and a fragrant tea.