Pua Mae`ole (Never Fading Flower) - by John Squeeze Kamana


Ku`u pua ku`u pua mae`ole
Nou mau ko`u li`a `ana
He nohea `oe i ku`u maka lä
A no nä kau a kau
Nani he u`i ka wahine lä
A he lei wehi no nä kupuna
Ku`u pua ku`u pua mae`ole
Nou ku`u mele nei

Leone Kananipuamaeole

My darling, my never fading flower
You are my constant desire
Your loveliness I will always behold
All of the days
You are a beautiful woman
Treasured by your grandparents
My darling, my never fading flower
This song is for you

John Squeeze Kamana


Source: Copyright 1954, 82 Criterion Music Corp - The composer wanted to give his daughter, Leone Kananipuamaeole, a musical gift of love. He sought the expertise of Vicki I`i Rodrigues who advised him to put his thoughts into words, write it down, she would transcribe it into Hawaiian, and together they would set it to music. Among the first to record this song, writtten in 1949, was Mahi Beamer whose rendition popularized this song, so beautiful, enduring and never fading.