Sweet Memory - by Cyril Pahinui, Larry Lindsey Kimura & Brian Hussey

I ke Kaiaula
A pa ahe mai
He leo nahe ia
He haliu nou iho
E ho`i mai `oe
Ei nei
Ku`u sweet memory

`O `oe
Ku`u moi moe o
He hali`a
I na wa apau
He ha`upu nui
E ho`i mai `oe
Ei nei
I o`u nei

There are days
That I dream
You'll be mine
All of the time
How I wish you were here
Oh, so very near
To me
Cause I love you

When the Kaiaulu breeze
Blows softly
It's a gentle voice
That bids you to listen
Return to me
My sweet memory

Are my dream
A longing
All of the time
A special memory
Come back
Here, to me

 Source: Sandwich Isle Band Album Copyright 1978 Olomana Publishing Co