Ua Hiki No Me Au - Traditional

A heaha ka hana ka `ôpua
Ho`olai o ke ahiahi
E `i mai ana no ia`u la
Ka `i`ini pau `ole a ka pu`uwai

Ua hiki no me au
Ke ala o ka vabine
E ake ana no `ike la
I ka nani o nâ pua

Ua `upu mai ka mana`o la
Ku`u hoa ho`oheno ahiahi
A he `ole ka maliu `ia mai la
Ua pulu i ka hunahuna kai

What does the cloud do
As it remains quiet in the evening
It seems to be telling me
Of an endless desire in the heart

It is all right with me
She enjoys the fragrance of the verbena
I am anxious to see
The beauty of the flowers

A thought comes
Of my sweet companion of the evening
But no attention is paid to me
She is drenched by the sea spray

Source: H.Farden KSB, Translated by Mary Pukui