White Ginger Blossoms - Words & Music by R. Alex Anderson

White ginger blossoms
Cool and fragrant
Sweeter than the rose
Fairer too than moonlight
White ginger blossoms
From the mountains
Fill the thirsty air
With exotic fragrance rare
Round your lovely throat you wear
My ginger lei
Each white petal nestles close and
Longs to say
"Let me stay here"
White ginger blossoms
Cool and fragrant
By a mountain pool
Guard their sweetness all for you

`awapuhi keo`keo (white ginger) blossoms


Source: Anderson's Famous Songs of Hawai`i Copyright 1939, 71 by Alex Anderson Music Inc. - This song was inspired by the Hollywood actress Mary Pickford who said to the composer, "I never heard a song for this flower".