Wiliwiliwai - Words & music by Lili`uokalani

E ka wiliwiliwai
Ko`iawe i ka la`i
A heaha kau hana
E naue mâlie nei

Ei nei, ei nei
E poahi mai nei
Ahea, ahea
`Oe kaohi mai

O kîpau o ia la
Ua nihinihi
Ku`u iki iho ho`i
I inu aku au

O lawn sprinkler
Circling quietly
What are you doing
As you silently revolve?

Say there, say there
You revolving object
When, oh when
Will you slow down

Unusually active
Sending out sprays like rain
Lessen your speed
That I may drink

Source: Pukui Collection - As the Queen was sitting on her lanai at Washington Place, she saw something unusual next door in Dr. McKibben’s yard, a lawn sprinkler going round and round. Fascinated, the Queen watched for a long time spinning this tune to its rhythm. Told to Mrs. Pukui by Lahilahi Webb, the Queen's lady-in-waiting. Translated by Mary Pukui